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Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Seasonal Job

We are in the heart of the holiday season, when many local companies are looking for seasonal workers. Here are the top five reasons you should consider seasonal work (even for other holidays!):

  1. Get a Foot in the Door. If you are looking for permanent work doing seasonal work can give you a leg up over your competition. Being a seasonal worker helps the employer see just how great of an employee you would be and gives you an opportunity to learn the specifics of a job. Both those things can help you when a permanent position opens up.
  2. Discount. Many companies offer all employees, including seasonal workers, a discount. While the amount of the discount varies across industries, having that extra percentage taken off helps your limited cash go further, and can save you a lot on big-ticket items you would normally have to pay retail for.
  3. Resume Gaps. Explaining a gap in your resume is never easy, but taking a seasonal job helps you fill the gap if you are currently unemployed and looking for full-time work. It also tells potential employers that you did not just sit around waiting for the next permanent job to drop into your lap. Regardless of the type of seasonal work, you will learn new skills that you can add to your existing ones, and maybe walk away with a nice letter of recommendation if you do a good job.
  4. Seasonal JobNew Friends. Making new friends can be hard, but it could be easier when you are working with a bunch of people you have never met before. But it is not just the potential friendships, it is the networking potential. By expanding your circle of friends, you have a wider network to draw upon (their friends and acquaintances) when it comes to looking for new opportunities and permanent positions.
  5. Money. If you are anticipating extra costs, or want to save for a special purchase, seasonal work gives you the opportunity to earn extra income that you can put directly toward your goal. It can also help you pay down any debts you might have.  And it never hurts to have some extra cash around the holidays.

A seasonal job can be a great opportunity for career advancement, and a chance to pad your wallet at the same time. But to get the most from your seasonal employment try to pick a job that teaches you a new skill or moves you farther along in your career goals.

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