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      Conveyor Belt Technician

      Posted on Wed, Feb 5, 2020 .

      A well established company in Pemberville, OH is seeking a conveyor belt technician to add to their team. It is a full time position with weekly pay of $13.00-$15.00/hour, and health insurance benefits.



      This position includes:

      • Fabricating, servicing, and installing conveyor belts.
      • Reading a tape measure.
      • Using various hand and power tools.
      • Material handling with forklift and pallet jack.
      • Customer service and communication.


      • Mechanical background (1 year)
      • Able to pass a background check
      • Able to work in a safe and efficient manner

      Call Trisha 419-353-8367 or send your resume to tbrown@supplemental.com

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      Your new career could start today! Contact Trisha at tbrown@supplemental.com or (419)-866-8367. Trisha's interests include: children, football, and baking. Office: 1616 E. Wooster #37, Bowling Green, OH

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