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Driver/General Labor

Posted on Tue, Jun 23, 2020 .

Supplemental Staffing is looking for Full Time Drivers. Having a valid driver license is mandatory. Candidates will have 3 start times to choose from: 7am, 5pm, or 7pm. They will work 8-10 hour days and weekends are included (will have 2 days off during the week). Stick shift driving plus but not mandatory.

First shift pay rate is $10.50/hr and Second shift pay rate $11.00/hr. Also offering health benefits and referral program.


Driving cars from lot to lot checking on damage before moving the vehicle and following safety guidelines per the video while operating the vehicle. They will need to be able to park the driver side front and rear wheels on a line marked on the parking lot. Will need to follow and understand simple directions (through reading and writing) as to how to check out the car from the different lots and document specific information. Picked up by a van and transported back to 1st lot to move next round of cars. Will be working outside in all kinds of weather must be alright with this.

This job involves:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Being fast pace
  • Inclement weather

If interested, please call Cassie at (419) 866-8367 to apply!

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Your new career path could start today! Contact Cassie at cyoung@supplemental.com or (419)-866-8367. Cassie's interests include Children, Dogs and Watching Sports! Office: 5333 Southwyck Blvd, Toledo, OH

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