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      Part Time Warehouse Workers - 4571

      A bottling company in Detroit is in need of a part time 1st shift worker (10-hour shifts 2-3 days per week). This position pays $10.00 per hour. Call Erika at 734-374-8367.

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      • Putting empty containers on a conveyor at the beginning of the line
      • Or pulling containers off of the end of the line and putting them into cases.
      • Then stacking crates onto a pallet for shipment.

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      Your new career path could start today! Contact Erika at or (734)-374-8367. Erika's interests include Tattoos, Mom Stuff and Rock n Roll!

      About Supplemental Staffing

      Supplemental Staffing is independently owned. We offer flexibility for client specified requests through innovative thinking and attention to detail. Our staff is trained to ensure that all of your needs are heard, understood, and that the solutions agreed upon and met. They are held accountable to meet your needs through our policies and procedures which are audited by the standards of ISO. The ISO Certification requires Supplemental Staffing to inspect all of our procedures through semi-annual audits (both internal and external) and correct any situation that does not meet the highest standards. All of our internal staff are trained and audited on our quality procedures to ensure that our clients are receiving great service consistently.

      • Safety is a special focus to us as part of our Quality Employment Solutions.
      • We emphasize continuous training to attain higher productivity for our clients.
      • We are associated with being a successful, innovative and caring company.

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