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OhioMeansJobs – Both online and locally

Did you know that the State of Ohio has a comprehensive job portal called OhioMeansJobs? It is a great place for resources that you should be taking advantage of! Each county in the state also has a local physical center where individuals can use various services. Whether online or in the local offices, you can search for jobs, find information about in-demand careers, partake in training and career planning and even search for schools and scholarships for your training. In Wood County, the OhioMeansJobs Center is part of Job and Family Services in Bowling Green.  In Lucas County, it’s called Work Ready Lucas County (formerly The Source) and it’s in downtown Toledo. If you need to find a specific center, you can use this map. Two of the best services that the centers provide are job training assistance, and resume and interview assistance. Let's discuss how these can help!

Ohio means jobs

Resume and Interviewing

Lucas County has an orientation workshop anyone can attend each Monday at 10 a.m. at the center. The orientation gives you an overview of all the services at the center, all the training that is available – including any financial help for the training – and all the various workshops they offer. Other centers will have similar orientations, but you’ll have to call them directly for the schedule. Each center will have specific workshops or one-on-one assistance to help you develop your resume and create effective cover letters. They all have computers, along with high-speed internet, so you can create your resume right there. It also offers copy machines and fax machines at no charge – and a bank of telephones you can use to contact potential employers. Lucas County’s resume and cover writing workshop is on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. The centers should have interviewing workshops to help you hone your interview skills.

Check out our helpful pre-interview guide, so you are prepared for that exciting meeting!

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Want help with job interviews?Training

While the centers provide training on searching for jobs and writing resumes, they don’t provide specific job training programs. They do, however, provide information about various training programs in the area and help you identify what training you would need for a specific job. Some of the training might be free, like online practice tests to improve your math or typing skills. Using the state’s online training and assessment page, you can test your skills in math, literacy and computers, and prepare for various tests, like your GED. Other trainings might have a cost, but financial assistance is available to those who qualify. You may be eligible for an Individual Training Accounts if you are entering a high-demand occupation. Or you may qualify for on-the-job training. During on-the-job training, a company agrees to train in the specific skills you need and, in return, they are reimbursed a portion of your wages while you are being trained. Some of the training is for specific groups, like youth or workers whose jobs have been eliminated. For a complete list of the Ohio-based employment programs, their targeted groups and the type of services available, you can use this webpage.

Temporary Workers

As temporary workers, the OhioMeansJobs program can be a great resource. They can advise you on how to put your temporary assignments on your resume and how to showcase the various skills you’ve learned. They can also help you with various skills you may need for specific jobs – like increasing your typing speed. And if you’re a looking for better pay in your temporary work, they can help you identify jobs that are in demand and help you get training so you can meet that demand. And the best part about this is that all the services, including the computer time, copying, faxing and phones is FREE!

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