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Do Staffing Companies work for the client or the candidate?

Staffing Scrabble by Amtec CC BY-SA 2.0

Finding a job isn’t always easy, even in today’s economy. What makes it even more difficult is navigating the various types of placement and staffing companies and their fees.

If you’re unemployed, you don’t necessarily have the funds to pay someone to find you a job, so do you have to pay the staffing company that’s advertising for warehouse workers? And just who is that staffing agency working for – you or the company that needs the worker?

As in most things, the answers to those questions are: it depends.

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Will getting a certification help land a job?

If you’ve been out of the job market for a while, or if you’re looking to advance in your career, getting a certification relevant to your field might be just the ticket.

Earning certifications or accreditation shows that you are serious about your field and competent enough to do the job. Some jobs require a certification, while for others it may just be preferred. Additionally, certifications may be accepted by the employer in place of a degree, depending on the position.

Usually, a certification consists of classroom or online training, and then passing a test to show that you have acquired specific knowledge about a particular field of work or technology. Most certification programs require a fee to take the test, along with a fee for the course to prepare you for the test. Certifications can be good for up to three years, and you are often required to have continuing training during those three years in order to maintain your certification.

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Topics: Establishing a Career, Re-Entering the Workforce

Can Volunteering Help You Establish a Career?

You can gain a wealth of experience outside the workforce.

When I was younger, volunteering meant walking dogs or helping kindergartners learn how to read. It was a no-brainer at the time. I would check in, get my name badge, do my thing, check out and go home. Sure, it felt good to help others but this was so easy, anyone could do it. At the Humane Society, my job description consisted of cleaning dog and cat cages, giving them fresh food and water, taking dogs out for walks or petting cats. Not exactly the skills you promote on your resume. At the schools, my job consisted of helping 6-year old children read “See Spot Run”. Seriously, how could this be of any benefit to my future career.

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Topics: Establishing a Career, Volunteering, Re-Entering the Workforce

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