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The Importance of Hiring During the COVID-19 Crisis

With COVID-19 threatening the populace, causing social distancing and shutdowns, now may not seem like the best time to look for new hires. However, essential businesses have essential positions that require staffing in order to keep functioning.

Let’s overcome our worries!

There are advantages to hiring now that many my not be thinking about. People still need jobs in these trying times and with the shutdown on non-essential businesses, the hiring pool is larger than normal. In that pool are plenty of skilled workers looking for a job. While other businesses may be afraid to hire, that leaves a great opportunity for you to hire those skilled workers for your own business.

There are excellent candidates who would like to move to a new position but are not actively looking because of all the downbeat news. To support both parties, Supplemental Staffing can still reach out to them for you. Whether you want to hire someone right now or take them on once the quarantine ends, here are 5 key tips that will enable whichever you decide.

  • THE IMPORTANCE OF HIRING DURING THE COVID-19 CRISISPrioritize your openings: Take a comprehensive look at your business and identify what positions you need filled now and what can wait until the quarantine has ended.
  • Distance interviewing: Just because social distancing is in effect does not mean that you cannot effectively interview potential hires. Phone and video calls are great alternatives. 
  • Stay engaged: Being stuck in quarantine can be disheartening, so it is important to stay connected. This is especially true with potential new hires. If you cannot take them on right away, keep them informed of your status and that you are still interested in hiring them.
  • Make decisions when you can: Try not to dawdle too much in the hiring process. Opportunity waits for no one!
  • Contact Supplemental Staffing: Let us know what your needs are, and we will get to work finding employees to suite those needs.

Let us connect you with the people you need while they are under everyone else's radar. Even though times may be hard there is still an opportunity for workers and businesses to grow, but only for those who can adapt and find new ways to navigate the recruiting process.

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