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Tips For Being The New Employee

Most people are a “new” employee when they start a new job or make a career change. Temporary workers are the “new” employee each time they take a new assignment. In fact, as a temporary employee you could experience that new employee feeling several times in a month, depending on the types of assignments you take. Whether you are a new employee just once – or quite often – here are some tips to help you along the way.

Be Dependable

Being dependable means you show up on time, ready to work. Having the right tools and attire is important, but so is having the right attitude of enthusiasm for the tasks you are going to be performing.

Be Friendly

A smile goes a long way towards making a good impression, so remember to smile when seeing or meeting your co-workers. Introduce yourself to others during your breaks or lunches. Repeat their names when you meet to help you remember.

Show interest in others – which applies to life as well as a new job. Ask questions like ‘how long have you worked here?’ and ‘what do you like most about what you do?’ as a way to learn about others, as well as the company.

New Employee

Beware of office politics

Every company has an internal political structure and it usually does not take long to figure out the various cliques. As a temporary employee, you want to avoid the office politics and focus on your tasks and doing a good job for the company. This means maintaining confidentiality and not joining in the gossip.

Try not to complain

Every job has its ups and downs, but do not complain – at least not at work. Save any complaints you have about the tasks, the people, or the job until you get home, and only vent to people you can trust not to spread it. And especially do not complain on social media – you never know who might see what you post.

Respect everyone

Treat everyone politely and respectfully – regardless of their title or work assignment. Remember to say please and thank you, whether it is the janitor emptying your waste basket, or the CEO holding the elevator door for you.

Be clear about your assignment

If you are unclear about anything ask for clarification. It is always better to ask questions first so you can do a task correctly, than to guess and do something wrong.  If you are having trouble remembering steps bring a notebook so you can write down the instructions, and make sure to show your supervisor to ensure you have understood exactly what you are to do.

Be your best

This should go without saying, but sometimes we all need a reminder to be our best. This means learning your assigned tasks and doing them correctly. It also means giving 100 percent, especially if you want the company to request you in the future – or if there is a possibility the temporary position could turn into a permanent one.


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